17 Best Daenerys Targaryen Scenes from Game of Thrones (2022)

She’s the one and only Khaleesi, the beloved Mhysa, Mother of Dragons and Breaker of Chains. Daenerys Targaryen has rightfully earned many notable names throughout her phenomenal journey on Game of Thrones. The queen without a flicker of fear in her bones has brought us some of the show’s finest moments.

From eating the heart of a horse to building an army of Unsullied, here are Daenerys’ best scenes and most powerful moments…

1. When She Ate The Heart of a Horse
Season 1, Episode 6

If it weren’t for this pivotal moment, perhaps Daenerys wouldn’t be the fierce woman she ended up becoming. Marked as one of the most shocking scenes in the first season, Khaleesi was made to eat the entire raw heart of a horse during an ancient Dothraki ritual. Not even blood smeared all over her mouth could taint Daenerys’ beauty. A girl with determination, stamina and will was born at this very moment. We, alongside Khal Drogo, felt immense admiration for the tough Targaryen.

2. When She Watched ViserysDie
Season 1, Episode 6

It takes a lot of courage to retaliate against your uncaring and controlling brother. After years of living in fear and being belittled, Daenerys finally got the strength to allow the murder of her brother, Viserys to go forth. At last, Khaleesi was triggered to make her way to the top and no longer be under Viserys’ thumb. This was the first of many future moments where justice was served and the very instant where Dany officially became the heir of the Targaryen dynasty.

Find out how Daenerys and Jon Snow are related in our awesome and detailed infographic!

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3. When Her Dragons Were Born
Season 1, Episode 10

Daenerys went from Khaleesi to the Mother of Dragons in the season one finale. After feeling defeated with no husband or baby, our favorite protagonist rose from the fire and ashes (literally) and proved herself to be the true Dragon queen. Unburnt and unscathed, Daenerys survived the fire and emerged with her baby dragons. Bow down!

4. When Her Dragons Freed Her FromThe House of the Undying
Season 2, Episode 10

We knew the power was in Daenerys’ hands in the season two finale. When vulnerable, the dragons are there to save their mother. The scaly creatures were freed and Daenerys let retribution take its course on Pyat Pree. Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal did as they were told and unleashed their fiery breath. Daenerys’ knows exactly how to use the dragons in her favor.

5. When She Took Drogon Back and Burnt Kraznysto a Crisp
Season 3, Episode 4

Daenerys has mastered her dragons, alright! Episode four of season three was undoubtedly her peak in the series. After being insulted by slave master, Kraznys, the Mother of Dragons decided enough was enough. With just an utter of the word, “Dracarys”, Drogon burst the misogynist into flames and was unleashed. No one throws chauvinist jibes at Daenerys!


6. When She Became Everyone’s“Mhysa”
Season 3, Episode 10

The Breaker of Chains freed hundreds of slaves and built herself an army of Unsullied by the end of season three. Daenerys acquired a god-like status when the freed slaves lifted her to their shoulders. Her newfound status as not only a queen but also a “Mhysa” in this episode helped encourage her quest to the Iron Throne.

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7. When She Banished Ser Jorah
Season 4, Episode 8

Daenerys is no hypocrite! When one betrays her, justice must be served, even if the betrayal is by those she loves most. In the eighth episode of season four, Daenerys discovered that her closest confidant had been a spy the entire time. Emotionless and dead cold, the Mother of Dragons ordered Ser Jorah to leave and never return again.

8. When She Made Orders to Daario
Season 4, Episode 7

Women can be badass, powerful and commanding and all men like a woman who is in control. Season 4 showed us that Daenerys is very demanding and authoritative between the sheets as well! What Daenerys wants, Daenerys gets.

9. When She Orderedthe Executionof a Freedman
Season 5, Episode 2

Many viewers didn’t agree with what Daenerys’ did in the second episode of season five. After giving the go-ahead for the execution of a freedman in public, Daenerys received a lot of backlash from her supporters. While it may have been a step too far for Mhysa, she showed that she holds people accountable to the law. Anyone who breaks it deserves punishment. Although a shocking decision, it was ultimately the justifiable thing to do.

10. When She Rode Drogon
Season 5, Episode 9

Fans were waiting forever for this phenomenal moment. We finally got to see Daenerys ride Drogon. Seeing the Mother of Dragons mount the scaly creature and watching her soar through the air with her blonde locks waving behind her, had us at the edge of our seats. It was about time Daenerys did what she was destined to do! This scene definitely counts as one of the best Daenerys episodes, yet.

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11. When She Burnt the Khals Alive
Season 6, Episode 4

We had season one vibes all over again in the final moments of this epic episode! Daenerys showed everyone who’s queen when she set the Khals on fire and walked out of the flames unburnt. We felt the urge to bow down to The Mother of Dragons in front of our television screens. And no, Emilia Clarke didn’t use a body double! That’sallher!

Daenerys has some of the best lines listed in our Game of Thrones quotes selection!

12. WhenSheSet the Masters’ Fleet on Fire
Season 6, Episode 9

Danaerys rode Drogon once again in the action-packed episode, Battle of the Bastards. We squealed with excitement as the dragon breathed its fire onto Dany’s enemies hundreds of feet below. Things got even better when Rhaegal and Viserion joined the carnage. We’ve never seen all threedragons in action like that!

13. When She Burnt Jaime Lannister’s Army
Season 7, Episode 4

Don’t mess with Dany or her dragons! Daenerys set the roof on fire (quite literally) in The Spoils of War when she burnt Jaime Lannister’s army in a scene we’ve all been waiting for. Proving just how indestructible she really is, Dany even managed to escape the wrath of Jaime’s spear, all thanks to her pet dragon, Drogon.

14. When she Went Beyond the Wall
Season 7, Episode 6

Out of all of Daenerys Targaryen’s scenes, this one has to be one of her most dramatic. Losing Viserion was a gut-wrenching moment for Dany but the heartbreak didn’t stop her from fighting on. Only the bravest go Beyond the Wall. She faced one of Game of Thrones’ biggest battles, the wintery weather and white walkers with all her might. Watching Dany’s three dragons burn the wights to smithereens was a satisfying moment indeed.

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15. When she Fought the Wights
Season 8, Episode 3

After a grueling ride on Drogon during the Battle of Winterfell, Daenerys found herself being a damsel in distress once landing on the battleground. Lost without the help of her dragon, Dany proved that there’s still a fighter in her when she picked up a sword and started killing the ambushing wights. Thank goodness for Jorah who also helped to protect (and died for) the Queen of Dragons.

16. When she Burned Down King’s Landing
Season 8, Episode 5

This certainly counts as Daenerys’ biggest, boldest and most shocking moves on the show. Although it was not in her heroic character, there’s no denying it was powerful. Watching Dany burn down King’s Landing was disappointing, yet mind-blowing at the same time.

17. When she gave her Speech at King’s Landing
Season 8, Episode 6

We may have seen her fall by the end of the finale, but before her demise, Dany finally served as Queen Daenerys Targaryen, Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Her short-lived time as queen of Westeros was mighty indeed, especially when she gave that powerful speech atop the entrance of King’s Landing. Viewers truly felt her power and sinister grip over the kingdoms.

Daenerys has truly taken the world by storm. She went from being one of the most beloved characters on Game of Thrones to the most controversial. The internet has made jokes and memes in honor of her and you can even buy a miniature version of Daenerys as part of the official Game of Thrones merchandise!

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What episode does Daenerys get on top? ›

A Golden Crown
"A Golden Crown"
Game of Thrones episode
Episode no.Season 1 Episode 6
Directed byDaniel Minahan
Story byDavid Benioff D. B. Weiss
12 more rows

What episode does Daenerys say Dracarys? ›

In Game of Thrones, we saw Daenerys roast her enemies alive using the “Dracarys” instruction – memorably the slave master Kraznys mo Nakloz in Season 3, Episode 4, after he underestimated both her appetite for vengeance and her ability to speak High Valyrian.

What episode does Jon Snow sleep with Daenerys? ›

The Spoils of War (Game of Thrones)
"The Spoils of War"
Game of Thrones episode
Episode no.Season 7 Episode 4
Directed byMatt Shakman
Written byDavid Benioff D. B. Weiss
11 more rows

What word does Khaleesi say to her dragons? ›

dracarys - ("drah-KAH-ris") The High Valyrian word for "dragonfire". Daenerys says "Dracarys" to Drogon, the young dragon, to encourage him to breathe fire and cook his own meat. Daenerys teaches her newly hatched dragons to breathe fire on command when she says dracarys, burning Pyat Pree alive.

Will drogon have babies? ›

It is possible that Drogon could suddenly lay a clutch of eggs. Author George R.R. Martin hasn't been forthcoming on dragon reproduction in A Song of Ice and Fire, but there are hints of asexual reproduction.

How old was Daenerys? ›

Aged 13 in the book series, Daenerys Targaryen is a child bride married off to Khal Drogo. Game of Thrones ages her up to 16/17 for the beginning of Season 1. By the final season, Daenerys would be around 24 years of age, approximately ten years younger than actress Emilia Clarke.

Is Drogon a male or female? ›

Drogon is a male dragon belonging to Daenerys Targaryen and the eldest brother of Rhaegal and Viserion. He is the largest of her three dragons, as well as the most spirited and aggressive.

Is Dracarys a real word? ›

Dracarys is the high Valyrian word for Dragonfire. It's usually used by Daenerys as an instruction for Drogon to wreak havoc on their enemies.

Is Valyrian a real language? ›

Right now, High Valyrian has grown to comprise about 2,000 words, according to Peterson. The language may be fictional, but it has its own — very real — system of rules that govern it, same as any other language.

Do Jon and Daenerys have a baby? ›

Lyanna Targaryen, the Daughter that was Promised, via Reddit: reddit.com/r/freefolk/com… This, according to malevolentplatypus, is “Lyanna Targaryen,” who so far as I can tell is the never-happened child of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Does Daenerys love Jon Snow? ›

After all, Jon and Daenerys remained in love and stayed together even after finding out that they were related, so that was not a big problem for them. Daenerys could have proposed that they rule Westeros together, but she seemed to want to secure her place on the throne without no one else, not even her lover.

Who does khaleesi sleep with? ›

Khal Drogo

(Though it's worth noting that in the books, the sexual relationship between the two is far less problematic.)

Is Dothraki a real language? ›

The Dothraki language is a constructed fictional language in George R. R. Martin's fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire and its television adaptation Game of Thrones. It is spoken by the Dothraki, a nomadic people in the series's fictional world.

Why did Missandei say Dracarys? ›

Dragon fire is one of the deadliest weapons you can get in Westeros, which makes "dracarys" pretty much synonymous with major death and destruction. (By choosing "dracarys" as her last words, Missandei was telling Dany to go ham on King's Landing.

What country is Valyrian based on? ›

Valyria = Ancient Greece

Ancient, knowledgeable people that colonized and influenced lots of Westeros/Europe but over time most of their knowledge was lost. Their language formed the base for the continent's language(s).

Why can't Daenerys have babies? ›

What has Daenerys said about her inability to have children? Dany saw Mirri's prophecy as a curse, and believes she will never be able to give birth to human babies. Instead, she considers her dragons to be her children. When warlocks of Qarth steal her dragons, Jorah tries to convince her to leave them behind.

How many dragons does Daenerys have left? ›

Daenerys' three dragons are still alive in the books, in Mereen. There's no telling what Martin's plans for the dragons are once she returns, but don't expect Rhaegal and Viserion to be killed off so haphazardly. The Night King doesn't even exist in the books yet, which is good news for Viserion.

Are the dragons in GoT asexual? ›

The dragons are gender fluid. They can change their sex. This is even in the books. Just because she named them after male figures in her life, doesn't really mean anything.

How many years do Targaryens live? ›

Their Dragons Can Live For Hundreds Of Years. Dragons have been synonymous with Targaryens and their Valyrian ancestors for the entirety of known history. The Valyrians were able to train dragons like no one else had done, and were thus able to rule their respective continents for hundreds of years.

Is Arya older than Bran? ›

Both of Bran's sisters are older than him, but Sansa is his big sister, and Arya is his little sister.

Is Jon Snow older than Daenerys? ›

They're about the same age, though, yes — Dany was born on Dragonstone near the end of Robert's Rebellion, with Jon born shortly after.

When did Daenerys start going crazy? ›

After the airing of “The Bells,” showrunner David Benioff said that hints about Daenerys Targaryen's turn to madness were scattered across the show going all the way back to season 1 when she witnessed her brother Viserys get executed by Khal Drogo.

What episode does Daenerys first ride Drogon? ›

The Dance of Dragons
"The Dance of Dragons"
Game of Thrones episode
Episode no.Season 5 Episode 9
Directed byDavid Nutter
Written byDavid Benioff D. B. Weiss
11 more rows

What season does Daenerys get her dragons? ›

Game of Thrones: Season 1

Daenerys is given three dragons eggs by Magister Illyrio Mopatis on the occasion of her wedding to Khal Drogo. She is drawn to these eggs and always keeps them in a chest with her. Viserys tries to steal them but is stopped by Ser Jorah Mormont.

Why did Daenerys Targaryen go mad? ›

She was jealous, alone, unloved, and paranoid. She snapped. A Daenerys heel turn from hero to villain was always going to hurt no matter what, and it makes for bad, gendered optics when coupled with Cersei's terrible leadership and Sansa's austere suspicion of Daenerys's (and her paranoia in return).

Was Daenerys pregnant with Jon Snow? ›

Game of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen was pregnant by Jon Snow in finale ending | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk.

Why can't Daenerys have children? ›

What has Daenerys said about her inability to have children? Dany saw Mirri's prophecy as a curse, and believes she will never be able to give birth to human babies. Instead, she considers her dragons to be her children. When warlocks of Qarth steal her dragons, Jorah tries to convince her to leave them behind.

Why can't Daenerys be burned? ›

TARGARYENS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO FIRE! The birth of Dany's dragons was unique, magical, wonderous, a miracle. She is called The Unburnt because she walked into the flames and lived. But her brother sure as hell wasn't immune to that molten gold.

Is Drogon a male or female? ›

Drogon is a male dragon belonging to Daenerys Targaryen and the eldest brother of Rhaegal and Viserion. He is the largest of her three dragons, as well as the most spirited and aggressive.

Which dragon died in GoT? ›

The Night King killed Viserion, and Rhaegal was (controversially) shot down by Euron Greyjoy, leaving Drogon as the last surviving dragon at the end of the series.

Do Daenerys dragons forgive her? ›

Tonight's episode of Game of Thrones, entitled "Battle of the Bastards" had one of the greatest reunions we have ever seen on the series. That's right, Daenerys' dragons all reunited with her on Game of Thrones, and it was completely and utterly epic.

Why do Targaryens have white hair? ›

Why do Targaryens have white hair? Targaryens all have the same white hair thanks to generations of inbreeding and incestuous relationships. To keep their bloodline and genes pure, the Targaryens mostly wed members of their own family, therefore producing more children with the trademark white hair.

Where is Drogon now? ›

After burning down the Iron Throne, Drogon picks up Daenerys' lifeless body and departs, never to be seen again. It's last mentioned that he was flying East, but it's unclear exactly where he was going to. This has led to plenty of speculation.

Is Drogon last dragon? ›

As far as the people of Westeros and the known world are concerned in the universe of Game of Thrones, Drogon is indeed the last known living dragon. But it is important to note that we said that he is the last “known” living dragon because, as far as the world knows, he is the only dragon that's alive.

What did Drogon do with Daenerys? ›

In a new book by Entertainment Weekly's James Hibberd, "Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon," Emilia Clarke reveals her take on where her dragon, Drogon, went when he carried Dany's body away from the Red Keep. "I think he flies around with her body until it decomposes," Clarke said.

Why did Daenerys destroy the Red Keep? ›

Daenerys Targaryen's decision to destroy King's Landing was a reaction to hearing the bells of surrender ring. The episode's director says she did it because the relatively bloodless coup was not "enough" for her and she felt "empty" in that moment.

What did Missandei mean by Dracarys? ›

Dragon fire is one of the deadliest weapons you can get in Westeros, which makes "dracarys" pretty much synonymous with major death and destruction. (By choosing "dracarys" as her last words, Missandei was telling Dany to go ham on King's Landing.


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